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Cat Scratchings...


Kaylin Silverfurr
External Services:
  • silverfurr_lynx@livejournal.com

You think you know, but honestly...you don't know shit all.

The Incessant ramblings of one lonely Gangrel trying to keep it together in the new city she calls home.

Physical Stats:
About 5'7" with pale skin, athletic build. Has silvery-white hair with streaks of darker grey, much like a Lynx Canadensis fur, along with Yellow cat's eyes. She usually dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, usually with an old, beat-up looking leather jacket and a backpack which goes every where with her. Her eyes constantly shift like she's perhaps a touch paranoid, and gives off the air that she'd rather be alone than have people talk with her.

If you can get past the initial wall that she puts up, you'll probably find something amazing under all the bravdo she uses.

Jewish by Birth, Kaylin survived Bergen-Belsen and Auchwitz during the Second World War as a mortal. She speaks an assortment of languages, but fluently can converse in Yiddish, Hebrew, French and German. She still carries the scars from that era on her body, though they're hidden for the most part.

Mun is kaylin

OOC Warning:
This journal contains several mature themes, and based off some events that have been LARPed with the character.
All IC comments are welcome, but not to be used ICly.
If some of my posts seem confusing because you know the events in question, just smile and nod...and enjoy the story for it's writting.
Mature themes being: Sex, Violence, Nudity, Racism, Not Nice Historical Refrences, Blood and Language.
If any of these things offend you, I suggest you screen what I write.
With that said, the applicable material will be placed behind an LJ cut with a suitable warning.